Objectives of Automated Business Processes / Business Process Automation

March 31, 2019

Lecture #3


We have already discussed at length on What is Automated Business Processing and How it is being used by companies today. In this lecture we shall see the following


1) Objectives of Automated Business Process

2) Benefits of Automated Business Process

3) Implementation of Automated Business Process




In the objectives section, We are going to discuss about what the Automated Business Process seeks to achieve and how it is better than a manual process. Companies spend huge amount of money investing in software applications which automates their business processes. Hence, automated business process aims for the following:


Confidentiality Not all data are allowed to be seen by all employees of the company. Some are extremely confidential and these details can be given access only to the authorized person.


For example: The HR department of a company will have the details about the salary of all employees starting from the junior most employee to the senior most managers. Their salary data are confidential and cannot be shared with every employee in the organization. Hence, such details are generally password protected and can be given access only to a person who is responsible for the payroll process. An automated business process application has to ensure that it is password protected and the data is made available only to the concerned person.


Integrity: To protect the integrity of the data means to protect the accuracy of the data and that the system gives accurate information consistently over time.


For example: If a manager wants to know about the Profit for the month January 2018, and the Profit is actually Rs.10,55,000 for the month. This has to be correct, unaltered by anyone and must be the same even when he tries to access the same information in the year January 2020. That must be the level of accuracy and consistency of the data. By providing secure access to information and also by limiting the right to edit this data only to authorized persons in the organization, this can be achieved. Thus BPA has to ensure Data Integrity


Availability: Almost all employees of the Organization, especially the Managers, access various kinds of data on day-to day basis for performing many calculations and to make many decisions. They could request to access information like Revenue for January 2018, Profit for the year 2018, Number of Employees in sales team, Number of total Suppliers of the company etc. All these have to be made available when asked for and the system simply cannot come up with the message "Sorry! The Information is not available at the moment" message. Hence the third objective, a business process automation seeks to achieve is the Data Availability.


Timeliness: It is not only making the data available, but also making it available at the right time is foremost important for Managers. This comes as the third most important objective of automated business processes


For Example: Every Manager would like to know how his company has performed throughout the year in terms of Revenue and Profit at the beginning of the next year. For the year 2017-2018, he would like to know the Total Revenue made or the Total Profit made for the entire year April 2017 - March 2018 in the month of April 2018 and not June 2018 (which is quite late), so that he could take steps to rectify the mistakes made in the year 2018 - 2019. Hence, it is not only the responsibility of employees to make the information available, but it has to be also ensured that the system makes the information available at the right time. Hence, Timeliness is the next objective, a business process automation seeks to achieve.


All the above objectives can be met, only if the system is under constant checks and controls and that is why appropriate internal controls have to be in place.


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